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"Your Street" an initiative from the Usk in Bloom team.

Chairman Tony Kear explains more :-

Our volunteers are always willing to devote spare time to help make Usk a better place to live and work as well as encouraging tourism and resultant additional business trade.

Many of you know that the "in Bloom" competitions are not just about floral displays, it's also about pride in the community which involves keeping Usk clean and tidy from litter and weeds.

The harsh reality that Monmouthshire County Council funding is limited. (We receive no cash from MCC). Services are reducing and that includes street cleaning which now only allows just 3 "mechanical" sweeps per annum. We continue to press our Town Council for a more equal share of the County Council sweeping rota.

We started thinking about whether residents could just plant or deadhead one of the public displays near where they live.  Why?  Historically we have met on a regular basis every week during the summer to keep an eye on the floral displays and keep them in tip top condition.

Not everyone though has that time or energy but many have said they would like to help out in some small way.  We call that "Your Street in Bloom"  

But facing the cuts that we do on other matters in the Town we've thought about "Your Street."

Could you keep your area of your street free from weeds and litter ?

There's no regular commitment - just pride in our community and where you live.

Many residents of Usk are helping this way now and the numbers are growing! 

We have also held 5 community clear up days - a 30 minute challenge to pick up as much litter in this time in an allocated street using professional equipment provided from a recent grant exercise.

If you might be interested - send me a message on our Facebook page or email uskinbloom@gmail.com or ring me on 07824810182.

Thank You - Tony Kear  Chairman Usk in Bloom